New article on restaurant industry donations to BC Liberal Party

Photo from Georgia Straight

In his recent op-ed, Gavin McGarrigle, B.C. area director for Unifor, describes some of the structural changes required to bring fairness for hospitality workers in BC. In particular, he highlights the inequity of BC’s liquor server minimum wage, the lack of regulations on tip-sharing, and sexualized dress codes throughout the restaurant industry.

Read the full op-ed here:  Fairness for Hospitality Workers is long overdue.

Liquor server minimum wage reinforces sexism

BC Employment Standards Coalition members Kaitlyn Matulewicz and co-chair David Fairey published an important new op-ed in this week’s Vancouver Sun about the often-ignored linkage between provincial tipping regulations and sexual harassment:

the dependence workers have on customers for tips leaves workers vulnerable to enduring sexual harassment and sexualized behaviour from customers as a “price” to be paid for a tip — a form of institutionalized quid pro quo. If workers do resist by, for example, speaking up against customers who are harassing them, they risk losing a tip.

You can read the article in full at this link.