Process and Working Principles

Meetings of the Coalition
The Coalition meets in-person at least six times a year, with teleconferencing for those members outside the Lower Mainland.

Decision-Making Process for the Coalition
A consensus decision-making model shall be used for decisions pertaining to the work of the Employment Standards for the Next Decade Coalition, with votes taken only when necessary.

  • The need for upcoming decisions will be circulated in the agenda one week prior to the meeting at which the decision will be made.  These decisions shall not be re-opened at future meetings. However, members may ask for clarification of the decisions.
  • Decisions made at meetings on topics that are added to the agenda after the circulation of the agenda may be re-opened for further discussion and/or decision.
  • When necessary, decisions can be sought via email to the Coalition members. When Coalition members are canvassed on issues (with reasonable time lines), a reply from a third of coalition members will constitute a quorum, and a majority vote shall determine a decision.

Working Principles
At Coalition meetings, we will strive to treat one another with respect. We understand that the resources/capacity of member organizations vary greatly. We also understand that, beyond the work of the Coalition/campaign, the member organizations employ a range of strategies –– some work closely with government, while others seek to push for policy change from outside government –- and we appreciate that our strength comes from this “inside/outside” diversity (the only exception being that the Coalition will only support actions and groups that are non-violent). We respect the various and different parameters, mandates, capacities and resources of the member groups. The Coalition will remain non-partisan and constructive.