Membership and Structure

The Coalition will be open to organizations and individuals that support our purpose, mission and goals. We will operate via the following terms:

Selection of Coalition Members
Those who attend coalition meetings are either representing their organizations by approval or themselves.

We will strive to ensure that people with lived experience of vulnerable or precarious work are at our Coalition table, and that we invite organizations to join the Coalition from those communities where low-wage and precarious employment is most acute. We will also seek to recruit allies from a variety of different organizational backgrounds and perspectives. We will undertake outreach to ensure that we have a diverse Coalition.

Coalition Co-Chairs
Coalition members shall select two Coalition Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs will alternate chairing the coalition meetings, will serve among the spokespeople for the Coalition, and will lead efforts to recruit new Coalition members.

Recording Secretary and Convener
Coalition members shall select a recording secretary and coalition meeting convener.  The secretary will poll members on meeting dates, send advisories on upcoming meetings with proposed meeting agenda, and will compile and circulate meeting minutes.

Steering Committee
Coalition members in attendance at meetings shall serve as the coalition’s Steering Committee. Budgeting and fundraising issues are to be discussed and decided upon by the Steering Committee.

Working Groups
In order to facilitate policy formulation and campaign planning, two working groups will be formed initially to focus on the following activities:

  1. The drafting of model legislation that can serve as starting point for discussion and input from stakeholder groups.
  2. The development of a coalition action/mobilization plan to engage workers, raise public awareness, and mobilize public and political party support for the legislative and other policy changes developed by the coalition.

At a later stage in the campaign a number of working groups may be formed to focus on specific legislative or policy subject matters, or campaign activities.

Each Working Group will select a Chair and a Recording Secretary and will set their own meeting schedule.  Each Working Group will be called upon to report back to the Coalition as a whole at Steering Committee meetings.