Mission & Goals

To work collaboratively, provide leadership, education, organization and non-partisan advocacy to secure effective public policy to improve the minimum standards of employment, ensure for effective enforcement, and protect the fundamental workplace rights of all workers in British Columbia.


  • To develop a model for Employment Standards legislation and enforcement in BC that addresses the needs and aspirations of all workers, and ensures that all workers benefit from the province’s social and economic progress.
  • To engage and include vulnerable and abused workers.
  • To raise public awareness of the need for stronger protections and enforcement.
  • To examine and make recommendations on Employment Standards protection for all categories of migrant workers, regardless of status.
  • To initiate and support collective actions in support of workers seeking improved conditions of employment and enforcement of their rights, and to draw public attention to the failures of the current employment standards system.
  • To ensure that Employment Standards reform is a priority on the agenda of all political parties and policy makers.