Workers’ Forums to Continue


Unfair treatment of workers is all too common in British Columbia. Few people know their rights, and getting justice from a bad boss can be nearly impossible.

The BC Employment Standards Coalition is working for better employment laws and stronger enforcement for all workers. We want to make the issues about real people – and make the case for improvements. Read more and listen here to BC Employment Standards Coalition Co-Chair David Fairey on CBC Radio’s Early Edition speaking about the recent Workers’ Forums, and also on CBC’s Almanac (Oct 18). Fairey and researcher Kaitlyn Matulewicz also published this new op-ed in the Kelowna Capital News on the sexism and unfairness of BC’s liquor server minimum wage.

The BC Employment Standards Coalition held 6 workers’ forums in October 2016 to give workers an opportunity to share their stories of unfair treatment by employers and the difficulty of getting workplace justice. Many workers responded to the invitation to participate in these forums and give personal interviews. The Coalition will therefore continue to hold these forums to gather more stories in early 2017 in and around Metro Vancouver and Victoria. So stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, if you have a story, enquiry or complaint that you would like to speak with us about you are welcome to contact any one of the following Coalition volunteers:

Murray Gore 604-671-9141 * David Fairey 604-430-636 * Joey Hartman 604-254-0703

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