New op-ed: Unjust treatment of farm workers should end

BC Employment Standards Coalition members Gurpreet Pabla and David Fairey published an opinion piece in the online version of The Province on the minimum piece-rate system for farm workers (separate wage rules apply to migrant farm workers hired under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program). You can read it here: Unjust treatment of farm workers should end. Their article was also published in the Georgia Straight. Thanks to the BC office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives for assisting with the publication process.

Government Sanctioning of Farm Worker Exploitation Must End

Please see the following link for an article by Coalition members Jonathan Hanvelt, David Fairey and Gurpreet Pabla. This piece, which was circulated to the media earlier this spring, describes the systemic exploitation of farm workers in BC, most of whom are temporary foreign workers or recent immigrants:

Government Sanctioning of Farm Worker Exploitation Must End

New model legislation & backgrounder for BC migrant worker recruitment & protection

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote rights and protections for “guest” workers in BC, the BC Employment Standards Coalition has just released a comprehensive set of proposals to support better protection for migrant workers:

Our Backgrounder explains the need for legislation for this large and growing vulnerable segment of the BC workforce, and the Model Legislation incorporates the best protections and rights found in the employment standards legislation in other provinces such as Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Quebec, and in International Labour Organization conventions and resolutions. Please contact BC ESC Co-Chair David Fairey with any questions or comments: 604-430-6036 or david[at]