New Coalition for Migrant Worker Rights calls for Trudeau to MoVE for Real Change

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Migrant worker groups from coast to coast have come together as a historic coalition to jointly advance migrant workers’ rights and working conditions. The new Coalition for Migrant Workers Rights – Canada (CMWRC) includes organizations from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, PEI, and Quebec who represent Canadian-born and migrant worker groups.

The CMWRC has launched MoVE – a campaign for Mobility, Voice and Equality for Migrant Workers to call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to act urgently and end tied work permits, enabling migrant workers to change employers when needed, and to move towards a single-tier immigration system based on permanency and family reunification to ensure decent work for all.

Low-wage migrant workers are generally restricted to working only for the individual employer listed on their permit. In practice, it is extremely difficult for migrant workers to change workplaces when they encounter problematic employers. This has the effect of dampening wages and working conditions down for all workers.

The MoVE campaign is calling on the new government to ensure the rights of all workers. Add your voice to their call: sign the CMWRC petition.

“We need to build a fair immigration system that values people, supports families and rejects divisiveness. That means justice and status for migrant workers. The time for change is now.” – CMWRC

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