January 11th: Victoria Workers’ Story Forum


January 11th Bad Job Story

Unpaid wages?
Unpaid overtime?
Employer taking your tips?
Unfair firings?

Unfair treatment of workers is all too common in British Columbia. Few people know their rights, and getting justice from a bad boss can be nearly impossible. The BC Employment Standards Coalition and the Victoria Retail Action Network are campaigning for better employment laws and stronger enforcement for all workers.

Join us on January 11th in Victoria, BC to share your story. This is the first of BC Employment Standards Coalition workers’ story forms planned for January and February, 2017. The dates and locations for more forums in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley will be posted soon.

You can tell us about a current problem or even something that happened within the past 10 years. You can also learn about your workplace rights under the Employment Standards Act and other BC laws. If your case involves a legal violation, we will offer advice and can help you to start a complaint. Interviews will be done by experienced advocates. You can choose to tell us your name and the name of the employer, or choose to be anonymous.

Please click here for our poster and share it widely.