New summary report: Workers’ Stories of Exploitation & Abuse

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The BC Employment Standards Coalition has just released a new Summary Report based on our series of Workers’ Forums. This summary provides an overview of Workers’ Stories of Exploitation & Abuse: Why BC Employment Standards Need to Change, a forthcoming report produced and published by the BC Employment Standards Coalition.

For a link to the Summary Report, please click here.

The Coalition brings together organizations, advocates and workers in a campaign for employment standards legislation that provides decent wages, working conditions, respect and dignity for all workers in the province of British Columbia.

One thought on “New summary report: Workers’ Stories of Exploitation & Abuse

  1. I’m glad to see this. Although I’m retired I have clear memories of the expectations of employers as the avarice of business developed and grew all out of focus and the drive to get more out of mere women for even less than they were paying them, (about a third of what they paid men when only men worked in business). And that’s just about proper compensation. Governments are equally responsible for abuse to workers with employers, by omission and by compliance and I support your movement.

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